The Arrowsmith Program  

Building the brain and building cognitive capacity should be part of every child’s daily education. Unfortunately that is not the case. 

For years parents and teaches have witnessed average or above average students, suddenly and inexplicably, experience stumbling blocks in learning.  If every child had daily cognitive programming, leaning complications would be a thing of the past, in most cases.  Integrating cognitive programming along with class curriculum is the answer to ruling out possible or eventual learning complications. 

For more than 30 years, the Arrowsmith Program has been addressing the underlying causes of cognitive weakness. The program brilliantly remediates or enhances cognitive levels so that learning values are not affected. And since the Arrowsmith program does not allow compensation, the brain begins to rebuild itself to become stronger instead of creating the typical ‘band-aid’ solution.  The program dramatically improves academics, not forgetting the positive impact it has on the entire well being of a child.

Please visit to learn more, or read The Women Who Changed Her Brain, by Barbara Arrowsmith, the creator of this program.

Since the methodology is very adaptable, Access School is proud to say that we can program every child effectively, by quickly identify the areas that needs work.  No other school can do that — at least no yet!  No matter small or large the challenge, Access can change the way a student experiences Reading, Writing, Math, Comprehension, Visual and Auditory Memory, Dyslexia, Auditory Processing, Working Memory, Non-verbal Learning and Logical Reasoning, to name a few.

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Claude LeFrancois Director 
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