Object Recognition

This is the capacity for recognizing and remembering the details of visual objects. A weakness in this capacity is indicated by the following characteristics.

A person with this problem takes longer to visually recognize and locate objects that he is looking for. There is difficulty finding items when shopping. The person walks by an item several times before he recognizes it. The person also has trouble locating something in a refrigerator.

A manager of a drugstore with this problem had great difficulty learning to recognize his products and remember their locations in the store. The person has trouble remembering visual cues such as landmarks to help in the process of remembering the location of places. The person has trouble recognizing and remembering faces and will miss details in facial expressions both of which cause social and interpersonal problems. The person has trouble remembering the visual details of pictures.

Arrowsmith has changed the way I learn to a whole different level. It has taught me to be patient, and it has allowed me to mature in different ways. I am glad that I was placed in this program because if I had not participated, I would probably be stressing out in high school with my learning difficulties instead of feeling like a regular student.

- Faye, Student

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