Kinesthetic Perception

This is the capacity for perception of where both sides of the body are in space. The following are features of a problem in this capacity. The person has limited awareness of where one or both sides of his body are in space. He has a tendency to bump into objects, doorways, etc. with the affected side of the body.

When driving a car the person is less aware of one side of the car than the other. This can result in scratching the car more frequently on one side, taking corners too wide and driving too close to either the right or left side of the road.
The person is less aware of where his hands and fingers are when cutting with a knife or using tools and as a result may injure himself more often than other people.

If the problem is severe the person may hurt himself on the impaired side and be less aware of where the pain is coming from.
If the problem occurs in the writing hand there is uneven pressure and the person wanders on and off the line when writing.
In more severe cases there is an inability to recognize objects through a sense of touch. A person can not distinguish between his keys or lighter when feeling in his pocket.

There may be some degree of awkwardness of body movement. There is also less articulated mouth movement which results in some speech slurring.

Arrowsmith has changed the way I learn to a whole different level. It has taught me to be patient, and it has allowed me to mature in different ways. I am glad that I was placed in this program because if I had not participated, I would probably be stressing out in high school with my learning difficulties instead of feeling like a regular student.

- Faye, Student

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