The Access School is intended for learning disabilities and attention disorders, completely eliminating the need for learning support. 

The article "Definition of a Learning Dysfunction", written by Arrowsmith School founder Barbara Arrowsmith Young, outlines a theoretical framework for understanding the nature of learning dysfunctions and remains the framework used by the Arrowsmith Program. The 19 learning dysfunctions are the problems addressed by the Arrowsmith Program. These 19 dysfunctions are not the only dysfunctions that may interfere with the learning process; however, they are the more common areas of difficulty. 

  • Students seeking this program do not necessarily need to have a diagnosed learning disability

  • Classes are limited to mostly 10, and a systematic local school screening will identify suitable candidates 

  • The small class ratio permits a stress free environment and program effectiveness 

  • Unlike most learning disability programs, the Arrowsmith Program directly addresses the 19 areas of dysfunction by retraining the brain and not working around the cause with imposed academic 

  • Efforts are devoted to strengthening the learning capacity of students with learning issues, and those with attention disorders, rather than compensating for cognitive weaknesses with wrongly modified and diluted academics 

  • The method seeks to improve cognitive functioning with individualized programming and careful, measured monitoring. This method is unique and enables everyone involved to understand how to attain success 

  • Upon enrollment, a comprehensive assessment is given to identify the areas of weakness to be corrected 

  • Based on this assessment, Arrowsmith Toronto will develop an individualized program for to be implemented 

  • All Arrowsmith learning programs are fully personalized and set with attainable goals for student to move forward in small measured steps so as to achieve these exact goals 

  • Upon successfully completing a 2-3 years in this program, the student can transition into a full academic curriculum in a public or private school, able to capitalize on their increased learning capacities and function without special education assistance or program accommodations 

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