Yes! Absolutely! Each student is unique in his or her combination of problem areas and Access School addresses the most common ones. 

Parents who find their child falling behind due to learning disabilities are invited to review the 19 Learning Disabilities to firstly match the child's areas of difficulty and the areas described in this list.  

The list is comprehensive and will permit you to see clearly the need for the program without completing expensive external testing.

Weak functioning areas of the brain are treated like frail muscles. These areas are intensely stimulated through cognitive exercises. 

Each exercise has been designed to target a specific area of learning difficulty and each student's program is tailored for that student's particular needs. These include written, visual, auditory and computer exercises. The exercises for each dysfunction are repetitive in order to intensely stimulate specific areas of the brain. Each student is tested at the end of each year to assess progress. The student's program is adapted as needed. 

Access students are typically of average or above intelligence and experiencing problems in school, which may include difficulties with reading, writing, mathematics, remembering, understanding, auditory processing, dyslexia or attention disorders (ADD/ADHD).

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