Broward reading disabilities

Reading disabilities are usually connected to other disabilities, all of which can be corrected with cognitive exercises using a methodology called Arrowsmith.

A reading disability is truly a symbol relations issue preventing the understanding of two or more ideas or concepts. A weakness in this capacity may also result in students having difficulties with comprehension, trouble with mathematical reasoning, trouble with logical reasoning, difficulty reading an analog clock and problem understanding cause and effect.

Since the brain has 10 to 15 areas can affect reading and comprehension, cognitive exercising is the only true remediation available to reactivate or retrain the brain to identify, decode and store information properly.  After 2 years of cognitive training, the brain will process reading much better and much faster.


Before I was in this program, I had a lot of problems with math, and now I'm in Algebra 1 and did not even take pre-algebra! I have noticed that things come to me so much easier now, and I'm so glad that I can actually understand what I'm learning the first time around.

- Faye,Student

My child would have never survived in high school without Access and its programs. She is doing amazingly well. – Mike, Parent
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