Broward math disabilities

A problem in this area impairs a person from carrying out internal sequential mental operations such as doing mathematics inside one's head. The person can be so impaired that simple counting processes break down. The person also has difficulty calculating change.

This math disability is better know as Quantification Sense, which can be related or attached to other mild, moderate or severe disabilities.  However, this can be corrected with cognitive exercises using a methodology called Arrowsmith. Since the brain has other areas that can affect the quantification sense, cognitive exercising is the only true remediation available to reactivate or retrain the brain to identify, decode and allow numbers to process properly.

If this dysfunction is at a moderate level of severity it means that the person is unable to sufficiently hold numbers inside his head to stably learn the addition and multiplication tables. The person cannot make progress in mathematics beyond a grade 4 level. The person resorts to finger or stick counting when solving math questions.

If the problem is less severe the person may be able to eventually learn his math tables but since he/she cannot do even relatively simple operations mentally, he/she cannot carry out the more difficult aspects of dealing with fractions at a grade 4 to 6 level.


Before I was in this program, I had a lot of problems with math, and now I'm in Algebra 1 and did not even take pre-algebra! I have noticed that things come to me so much easier now, and I'm so glad that I can actually understand what I'm learning the first time around.

- Faye,Student

My child would have never survived in high school without Access and its programs. She is doing amazingly well. – Mike, Parent
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