Broward learning disabilites

Access School is the only school in Broward County that offers a true remediation for mild or severe learning difficulties.  The program requires 2-3 years to effectively address learning issues such as Reading, Writing, Math, Comprehension, Visual and Auditory Memory, Dyslexia, Auditory Processing, Working Memory, Non-verbal Learning and Logical Reasoning.

Operating as a clinical school it serves a unique population of students who are of average or above average in intelligence but who struggle in a regular classroom. The program utilizes a neuroplasticity methodology called Arrowsmith, which gives students an intense suite of cognitive exercises designed to rewire the brain.

The program targets the weak cognitive areas of the brain to make them stronger and to remove learning issues altogether.  The student-teacher ratio of 10 to 1 allows the flexibility to individualize instruction and diversify learning approaches for every child. The school's main goal is to rewire the brain, in order to STOP the disabilities and a permanent solution, instead of a temporary patch.

Access School is unique in that they target the learning disabilities directly, instead of teaching or working around them.


Before I was in this program, I had a lot of problems with math, and now I'm in Algebra 1 and did not even take pre-algebra! I have noticed that things come to me so much easier now, and I'm so glad that I can actually understand what I'm learning the first time around.

- Faye,Student

My child would have never survived in high school without Access and its programs. She is doing amazingly well. – Mike, Parent
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