Auditory processing disorders

This is the ability to discriminate between similar sounding speech sounds. Those with an auditory processing disorder cannot process the information they hear, which complicates the recognition of different sounds; especially the sounds that compose speech and therefore, students with problems in this area mishear words, misinterpret information and miss out on key ideas.  Students with an auditory processing disorder require effort when listening to any language or dialogue and will most likely not be able to get all the information being spoken. Auditory processing disorder can affect both children and adults. It has been suggested that males are twice as likely to be affected by the disorder as females.


Before I was in this program, I had a lot of problems with math, and now I'm in Algebra 1 and did not even take pre-algebra! I have noticed that things come to me so much easier now, and I'm so glad that I can actually understand what I'm learning the first time around.

- Faye,Student

My child would have never survived in high school without Access and its programs. She is doing amazingly well. – Mike, Parent
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