Welcome to our website! We are here to help you unlock your child’s potential, by simply improving cognitive functions.  Since 2008, we have been helping students who struggle with learning issues. Within a few years, our program will change weak cognitive functions to make them stronger, which directly helps every student to become independent, responsible and not to fear learning.

With the Arrowsmith Program, we are able to identify and correct the exact cognitive areas, which are causing frustration. As we correct the underlying issues, we create a permanent solution.

At Access School, we cultivate independence and critical thinking while creating a new academic experience. We encourage our students to be courageous, speak freely and affirmatively, BUT ABOVE ALL, our goal is to remove learning difficulties, to prevent a life filled with frustration and hardship.

To further understand our effective approach you may also visit www.ArrowsmithSchool.org or read "The Women Who Changed Her Brain", written by Barbara Arrowsmith.

Please contact us with your questions and plan to visit, to see this program in action.

Claude LeFrancois


Access School is clinical school intended for students who struggle with learning difficulties.Located in Davie, Florida, the school was established in 2008 to welcome students of average or above average intelligence, and also those who experience a difficult academic life, due to learning issues.

The school was designed to help students who struggle with Reading, Writing, Math, Comprehension, Visual and Auditory Memory, Dyslexia, Auditory Processing, Working Memory, Non-verbal Learning and Logical Reasoning.

The program utilizes a neuroplasticity methodology called Arrowsmith, which provides students with an intense suite of cognitive exercises designed to rewire the brain. The program targets the weak cognitive areas of the brain to make them stronger and to remove learning issues altogether.  

Centrally located around 3 major highways in the Fort Lauderdale area, Access School provides specialty programming from grade 4 to grade 8 as well as a separate and alternative program for those who need to complete high school level classes. 

Their student-teacher ratio of 10 to 1 allows flexibility to individualize instruction and diversify learning approaches for every child. The school's main goal is to rewire the brain, in order to stop the disabilities while providing a permanent solution, instead of a temporary patch. Access School is unique in that they target the learning disabilities directly, instead of teaching or working around it.



Access School’s mission is to provide rigorous cognitive training with the goal of stopping learning disabilities and to allow students to reach their highest potential.

The primary objective of Access is to quickly remediate learning disabilities, so as to successfully and functionally reintegrate students in a mainstream academic program and to discontinue the need for special accomodations and/or extra assistance.   

Access School is committed in providing an environment where students can become independent and where they can learn to think critically, courageously, freely and affirmatively.


Call Us: 954-680-9494  /   info@AccessSchool.net   /   4801 South University Drive Suite 114, Davie, FL 33328